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            Troubleshooting (Android)

            We make frequent updates to our apps to improve the user experience. If you encounter an issue with the app, please start with a 'clean install' of the app to ensure you have the latest available version.

            - On your Android go to 'Settings' > 'Applications' (or 'Apps') > and locate the Tagged or hi5 app

            - Select 'Clear Cache' for the app, then select 'Clear Data' for the app (this will not affect your account)

            - Select Uninstall (rather than Update or install over the currently installed version)

            - Restart your Android device

            - Re-download and Reinstall the latest version of the app

            You may find the latest version of our Android apps in the Google Play store, at the following links:

                      Tagged Android App

                      hi5 Android App

            If you continue to experience an app problem after updating to the current version, some issues may occur due to a networking issue or communication problem with your wireless network or cellular data provider.

            If you normally use your cellular data provider to access Internet sites, as a further troubleshooting step please try connecting by using a WiFi network, or if you normally connect via a WiFi network, try using your cellular connection instead.

            If you continue to experience an issue, please use the ‘Contact Us’ selection in the App Settings menu, or the ‘Submit a Ticket’ option on this support page to let us know about the problem.

            Updated: 08 Oct 2019 05:11 AM
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