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            Privacy Policy

            Tagged empowers members to manage their individual profiles using comprehensive privacy settings. 

            Users may choose to arrange their settings so that private information cannot be seen by anyone other than accepted friends and profiles cannot be located through searches. Members can pre-approve comments before they appear on their profiles and block other members from accessing profile information.

            These privacy procedures give power to individual members when determining how much

            information to share with potential friends and unknown users.

            For more information regarding Tagged's Privacy Policy, please visit: Tagged Privacy Policy.

            How do I adjust my Privacy Settings? (Mobile App)

            To adjust your Privacy settings in the app, please follow the steps below:

            • From the Home screen select the Settings menu

            Android: (the small 'gear' in the upper right)

            iOS: (the large ‘gear’ in the lower right)

            • Select Accounts & Privacy

            • Adjust Profile Privacy, Contact Privacy, Search & Browse Privacy, Comments Approval and Photo Comments to your preference

            Privacy settings are granular and allow customization of who may see your profile and communicate with you.

            For Maximum Privacy select the following:

            • Profile Privacy > My Friends

            • Contact Privacy > My Friends

            • Photo Comments > Nobody

            • Search/Browse Privacy > Nobody

            Updated: 08 Oct 2019 04:49 AM
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