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            My profile has been hacked -- what can I do to prevent hacking?

            We recommend that you immediately change your MeetMe password and don't tell anyone what your new password is. Additionally, do not leave computers sitting logged into your profile where someone else could get access to it. Always click "Logout" at the top of the scree when you're finished using the site. 

            As a general reminder, only enter your password when you are 100% positive you're on the right site. If ever you're asked to give your password again after logging in, don't do it. Go back to -- make sure that this exact text is in your address bar -- and login from there. Or, if you're logged in on a mobile device, if you're ever taken out of the app to a browser experience, do not enter your password there.

            Updated: 04 Oct 2019 12:57 AM
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