What is Boost?

What is Boost?

Boost is a premium product that allows you to put yourself to the top of the Meet queue for everyone to see. It's the fastest way for you to meet new people and receive a ton of chats and profile views!
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    • How do I turn the Credits auto-recharge feature off?

      To help you maintain a Credits balance that allows you to Boost yourself whenever you want, we give you the option at purchase to have us automatically recharge your credit card or PayPal account when your Credits balance gets too low. If you enabled ...
    • Why should I buy Credits?

      Here are just a few of the things you can do with Credits, with more coming soon... Boost -- Our most popular product! Be the first person people see! You'll be placed to the top of the Meet section for people near you and are saying that you're ...
    • What are MeetMe Credits?

      MeetMe Credits are a virtual currency that you can use to buy premium services on the site or in our mobile applications. Typically the premium services available for MeetMe Credits are designed to help you meet more people faster by increasing your ...