What else will you do with my phone number?

What else will you do with my phone number?

Absolutely nothing! We only use your phone number to verify that you are a real person.
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    • Why do you need to verify my account with a telephone number?

      MeetMe is trying to ensure that all of the profiles on the site belong to real people. We randomly flag accounts and ask you to verify your account with a phone number to ensure that there is a real person using this profile.
    • What if I don't have a mobile phone?

      You don't need a mobile phone to verify your account. You can send a voice call to your home phone.
    • What type of phone do I need to verify my account?

      You can use a mobile phone or a home phone. We do not send text messages to "free SMS apps" or allow you to use voice over IP services like Skype or Google Voice.
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