How do I start streaming?

How do I start streaming?

It's simple! Press the Camera button in the Live section of the app and confirm you want to start streaming and you'll be streaming. Viewers will soon be pouring in!
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      When you Favorite someone in MeetMe Live (either by the Star icon in a stream or selecting to Favorite at the end of a stream), you're indicating that you want to know whenever they stream. Whenever your Favorites are streaming, you'll see them in ...
    • Why should I buy Credits?

      Here are just a few of the things you can do with Credits, with more coming soon... Boost -- Our most popular product! Be the first person people see! You'll be placed to the top of the Meet section for people near you and are saying that you're ...
    • I need to report a user immediately for harassment or misconduct. What’s the best way?

      We appreciate any and all moderation help from MeetMe members. If a streamer is acting inappropriately according to our broadcast guidelines... At the top right of a broadcast you're viewing is a menu. Press on that to display the option to report ...