How do I cancel my MeetMe+ subscription?

How do I cancel my MeetMe+ subscription?

Please email with the email address used to access your account to cancel your MeetMe+ subscription. 
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    • What is MeetMe Live?

      MeetMe Live is MeetMe's newest feature, where you can stream yourself!
    • What is MeetMe?

      MeetMe is, simply put, where friends meet! MeetMe uses an array of social discovery applications in order to connect you to our incredible and friendly members, making us the best place to make friends and meet new people near you!
    • Who can use MeetMe Live?

      MeetMe Live is currently available in our iPhone app, Android app, and on the MeetMe web site.
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      MeetMe Credits are a virtual currency that you can use to buy premium services on the site or in our mobile applications. Typically the premium services available for MeetMe Credits are designed to help you meet more people faster by increasing your ...
    • How do I contact MeetMe?

      Customer Service: Email Report Abuse: If you see inappropriate content or behavior on MeetMe, please click the "Report Abuse" icon found in the top right-hand corner of the website.  In the next screen that comes up, ...