How do I block someone?

How do I block someone?

On the website, go to the member's profile page and click the "Block *Name*" link, which is located under "Break it Off" (on the left).


On the iPhone app, view the person’s profile, and tap “Report” in the top right, then “Block User”.  On the Android app, click the menu button on the device followed by “Block”.

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    • How do I stop Favoriting someone?

      If you would like to stop Favoriting someone, go to the "Favorites" section in the "Me" section. You will be able to swipe to reveal the remove option (iOS) or press and hold to reveal the remove option (Android).
    • What does it mean to Favorite someone?

      When you Favorite someone in MeetMe Live (either by the Star icon in a stream or selecting to Favorite at the end of a stream), you're indicating that you want to know whenever they stream. Whenever your Favorites are streaming, you'll see them in ...
    • I saw someone post something offensive in Feed. What do I do?

      When looking at an offensive post, click the Report icon to have that Feed post reviewed by MeetMe Member Services. Please report any Feed post that contains an inappropriate image or threatens someone's well-being. If you think someone is in ...
    • How do I invite someone to be my friend?

      It's simple! Go to their profile and view their About tab. From there, you can simply use the Add Friend button to make friends with anyone!
    • I can't change my name. Why not?

      There are certain words that cannot be included in your name (for example, "admin"). This is to ensure people are not creating deceptive accounts that purport to be someone they are not.