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  1. On Owned! you can:

    • Buy and sell your friends.
    • See how you rank compared to your friends and everyone else on MeetMe.

    Here's how you make money:

    • Earn half the profit whenever you sell someone or whenever your photo gets bought.
    • You earn L$1 for every photo you view.

    The idea behind Owned is to buy low and sell high to make the most Lunch Money off of your friends' photos!
  2. When a photo sells in Owned!, the Lunch Money gets split between the previous owner of the photo and the person who uploaded the photo.

    The previous owner of the photo receives a bulk of the Lunch Money -- everything they paid for the photo, plus half the profit (which is the difference between what they paid and what the new owner paid). The remaining half of the profit goes to the user who uploaded the photo.


    • Alice pays L$5,000 for a photo of Bob.
    • Charlie then comes around and pays L$8,000 for that photo.
    • Alice gets her L$5,000 back plus half of L$3,000 (L$8,000 - L$5,000), amounting to L$6,500 total.
    • Bob gets $1,500.
  3. You can add up to 10 photos to Owned, after purchasing additional photo slots with Lunch Money. To start adding photos, just click the "Add More Photos" tab.
  4. The rankings on the My Rank tab are calculated in the following ways:

    The "Top People" ranking is measured by the sum of the purchase prices of all photos of each user.

    The "Total Worth" ranking is based on the total sum of all photos owned by that user.
  5. The rankings update with new information about every 15 minutes.
  6. More Lunch Money in 3 Steps...

    1. A good way to make more Lunch Money is to buy photos in Owned! of people you might like to connect with or of people you think will sell.

    2. If they don't sell after two days, use Cash Out to get back some of the Lunch Money you spent.

    3. Then, with that Lunch Money you just cashed out, buy more photos of people you might like or that you think will sell.

    If they do sell, you make the profit and get more Lunch Money. If they don't sell, you can just Cash Out and make Lunch Money to buy pictures that will sell.
  7. On the Settings page, there is a setting for "Who can Own me?" If you don't want to be included in the Owned! application, just check the "Don't include me in Owned!" box. Make sure to click "Save" to confirm your selection.

    Note: If one or more of your pictures have already been purchased, it will be necessary to remove them from your profile pictures. After opting out of Owned, you can post the picture(s) again.
  8. Block them, and they will no longer be able to view your profile, send you private messages, send you stickers, admire you, or own your images.

    To block someone, go to his or her profile and click the "Block" link, which is located in the "Break It Off" box in the left-side column.
  9. There's a daily limit for obtaining Lunch Money in this way. You can still earn Lunch Money by buying and selling photos, or by using other MeetMe applications -- and come back tomorrow for more photo-viewing Lunch Money!
  10. With the Cash Out feature, you can sell photos that aren't selling back to the house and get back a portion of the Lunch Money you spent. There are a few simple rules for Cash Out:

    1. Can only cash out a photo if it hasn't sold in 48 hours.
    2. Must have a Lunch Money balance less than L$1,500,000 to use Cash Out.
    3. You can only cash out L$250,000 per day.
    4. You can't cash out photos of yourself.

    The amount you can Cash Out is based on the price of the photo:

    • L$1-5,000: Get 90% Back
    • L$5,001-10,000: Get 80% Back
    • L$10,001-50,000: Get 70% back
    • L$50,001-100,000: Get 60% Back
    • L$100,001-250,000: Get 50% Back
  11. When a photo is suddenly reset to L$1, it means that it hasn't sold in 48 hours and the previous owner has chosen to Cash Out. When this occurs, the price of the picture is reset to L$1 -- which means you can earn more Lunch Money as the price rises again!
  12. When a photo gets disowned in Owned, neither the purchasing user nor the owner of the photo is reimbursed.
  13. If you are unable to Cash Out a picture that you own, it is because one or more of the requirements have not been met:

    1. Can only cash out a photo if it hasn't sold in 48 hours.
    2. Must have a Lunch Money balance less than L$1,500,000 to use Cash Out.
    3. You can only cash out L$250,000 per day.
    4. You can't cash out photos of yourself.
  14. The person who uploaded the photo you bought may have removed that photo from MeetMe, or closed his or her account. Because of laws governing removal of content, we must remove the photo if the person who posts it wants it removed. That is just part of the game.
  15. In a 24-hour period:

    1. You can only bid in Owned 1,000 times
    2. You can only bid back and forth between two accounts on the same computer ten times.

    If either of these limits is exceeded, transactions will be flagged for the remainder of the 24-hour period.
  16. Click the red "Report This Image" link at the bottom right of the inappropriate image.
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Top 10 Questions
  1. MeetMe is, simply put, where friends meet! MeetMe uses an array of social discovery applications in order to connect you to our incredible and friendly members, making us the best place to make friends and meet new people near you!
  2. MeetMe is different from other social networks. On MeetMe, you can:

    • Browse Locals to meet great people near you
    • Find out what everyone's up to in the Feed
    • And play many more social games!

    So, jump right in, set up your Profile, and find some new friends in your area with Browse People!
  3. Go to the Forgot Password page and enter your email address. Instructions for resetting your password will be emailed to you.
  4. You can download the official MeetMe app for iPhone and iPod from the iTunes store.
  5. You can download the official MeetMe app for Android from the Google Play store.
  6. The Spotlight consists of two features you can activate with MeetMe Credits, all of which are designed to help you meet more people faster (and get a hefty popularity boost, too).

    Match Spotlight helps you get more views in Match, which means more potential secret admirers seeing you and more of them clicking "Yes" on you!

    You can also promote your feed posts with Feed Spotlight. Just click the "Make #1!" button under one of your own posts, and it will be pinned to the top of Feed for people who may be interested in you!
  7. Here are just a few of the things you can do with Credits, with more coming soon ...

    • Match Spotlight -- Get to the front of the line! You'll have priority in Match, substantially increasing the number of secret admirers you get. Could this be the start of something special?
    • Live Feed Spotlight -- Have something to say you want everyone to see? A spotlighted Live Feed post will be stuck to the top of the Feed for everyone to see. Get more comments than ever and create a great discussion!
  8. MeetMe profiles by default are available for other members of the MeetMe community to view. To restrict who can view your profile, click on the Settings icon in the upper right-hand corner of the page. Within "Privacy" is the setting "Who can view my profile?" Choose your desired level of privacy, then make sure to click the "Save" button to confirm your selection.
  9. To access your Block List, click on the Settings icon in the upper right-hand corner of any page. Within "Privacy," click the "See which users you have blocked" link. You'll then see a list of everyone you've blocked; each one has a "Remove block" link so that you can unblock them if you choose.

    To go directly to your Block list, click here now.
  10. Back in 2005, we started myYearbook in our high school as a way to make new friends. Today, people of all ages use it for the same purpose: we're now the largest service for meeting new people in the United States, and we're growing fast in many other countries too.

    Yet the name "myYearbook" makes most people think of reconnecting with old classmates, not making new friends. So at long last, we decided to change the name to something that says what our service really means, even to people who haven't used it yet.

    MeetMe was the clear winner over hundreds of other potential names, based on feedback from many thousands of members. Everything you love about myYearbook will still be at MeetMe -- you may not even notice a difference!